In 2016 the people of Aalborg got new waste containers. With them followed a new sorting system and a need for a renewed branding effort that could increase the citizens' level of interest and improve their motivation in regard to waste sorting. 

The challenge was to get the citizens to think of waste as a resource and as something that is able to add continuous value. We created the campaign "RETHINK" as an appeal to see things in a different perspective.

In the first part of the campaign, we combined the message "Fremtiden sorterer under os alle sammen” (direct translation: The future sorts under us all) with images of people lying in waste and with information on how the waste should be sorted in order to be recycled. In the second part, we created an ad-series with the message "Recycle your everyday" that zoomed in on the different types of waste that citizens know from everyday life. The campaign was, among other things, implemented through advertisements, bus shelters, online banners and direct mails that led to the RETHINK campaign website, which had over 2,500 unique visitors during the first campaign week.

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