As we in Denmark are accustomed to a high reliability of supply, energy is not something that ordinary Danes think very much about in everyday life. Thus, the primary challenge was to increase the consumers' interest in energy supply and to raise the awareness of energy that goes beyond the electricity bill.

In order to solve this task, we put together a campaign that created a new and more intimate perspective among the consumers; a campaign that relates to everyday life situations where most of us are dependent on energy.

The campaign was on the radio and on digital channels where we through the concept "In Good Company" created a range of messages, each serving the purpose of reminding the consumers that Eniig provides power for everything that makes life more fun.

Before starting the campaign, we devised which goals would be realistic to achieve in relation to the marketing investment, right from reach and impressions to involvement in various efforts. In all respects, we fulfilled the objectives. Including a 33% increase in Facebook followers and a total of over 8.5 million in advertising exposure.

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