HedeDanmark has over 150 years of experience in management, care and development of green areas, and after several years of growth across Europe – both organic and through acquisitions – it was necessary to re-visit the brand strategy.

A deeper insight into the strengths and values ​​associated with HedeDanmark was achieved through interviews and workshops with selected clients, management and employees from various business areas. One of the hypotheses was that there was no correlation between the internal and external perception of the company across the business areas – but this was refuted.

The solution was a new brand strategy that would put the company's activities in a valuable system or hierarchy – both in Denmark and internationally.

The strategy was to maintain HedeDanmark as a corporate brand in Denmark, and, because of the linguistic challenges with the name, to use the acronym HD combined with a descriptive name elsewhere. The logo and trademark were simplified during this process and in combination with a new design, HedeDanmark got a new, visual identity. All this was gathered in a new brand manual.

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Charlotte Liendgaard Vigh

Agency and Strategic Director / Partner