Even with more than 90 years of market experience and several design classics on the CV, things do not always go without saying. The global market entails an ever-increasing competition on innovative and functional furniture. In that context, it was clear that HOWE had to prioritize their efforts, challenge themselves and renew what they are and what makes them special.

The first step was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the brand to uncover the knowledge and perception of the brand among architects and interior designers. Coupled with an identification of the brand's components – experience, functionality and design – this formed the basis for the concept: "Moving Design Since 1928." This emphasized the fact that their furniture can not only be stacked, rolled and folded like no other, but has, for decades, moved people to new ideas and solutions. Along with a new visual identity HOWE also got an updated website, newsletters, brand and product films and a new go-to-market strategy that focused on SoMe marketing.

With "Moving Design Since 1928" and the new visual identity, HOWE now has a platform and an expression that identifies what has always been uniquely theirs, ready to ensure a differentiated product- and brand awareness across markets and target groups worldwide.

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Charlotte Liendgaard Vigh

We believe in the sense of movement at HOWE; the idea that what we do is not only moving the levels of craftsmanship or the confinements within design but also the people who use it every day.

This is why all chairs and tables from HOWE offer impeccable functionality. You can fold them. You can stack them. You can roll them any way that you want, optimizing the spaces in which we work, think, study and communicate.

Just as you can feel comfort in them; the look, the originality, the way form follows function to the very last detail. Time and time again.

We are HOWE and we believe in moving design. Since 1928.

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Charlotte Liendgaard Vigh

Agency and Strategic Director / Partner