UCN is an educational institution where the concept is based on a combination of theory and practice. The students are always given the opportunity to work practically with what they learn – both in collaboration with companies and institutions, but also through internships. 

When communicating to a young audience, the content has to be clever and immediately interesting. Consequently, we focused on making many short videos with messages that were easy to catch on a phone.

With “Become a pro at your passion” we created a campaign with personality, including a modern and digitized graphic that ensured a consistent look across all channels. Instagram Stories and Snapchat were used to create awareness and generate traffic to ucn.dk. 

The campaign was a combination of outdoor, print and a comprehensive digital campaign unfolded on display, Facebook, Instagram Stories and YouTube.

After executing the campaign, UCN has had a record high number of guests for open house events, over three million exposures on Facebook, 20,829 people saw 100% of the videos and 13,000 users have visited the website. In addition, UCN has experienced an increase of 4% in the number of applicants compared to the previous year.

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