The park had created a winning combination with amusements that included everything from roller-coasters to concerts and family events.


When Morten Palm, head of sales and marketing, arrived at Tivoli Friheden in 2016 the only thing that need fixing was a fragmented IT-landscape. This has now been done in a partnership with Clienti that has helped unfold a complete digital setup. 

"Fundamentally, we have a really great product which more people are beginning to see. We have a great digital focus where I, among other, would like to highlight our new website and digital advertising setup that generate some truly amazing results. In the world of marketing it is easy to focus on the “hype of the week”, but we have managed to keep what is valuable for our business at the centre of our attention."
- Morten Palm

E-mail marketing was one of the contributing verticals to the successful year. Fed Fredag, Halloween and Christmas in Friheden are Tivoli Friheden’s major events, and a massive data setup has, since last year, secured an increase of several hundred percent in sales through e-mails.

”Tivoli Friheden is in possession of an extensive amount of data, as the business is circular. If you are able to capitalize this, you can generate a lot from very little. E-mail marketing has been the primary growth factor, and we are going to boost it even more next year” says Head of Digital Marketing at Clienti, Lasse Juhl. 

Tivoli Friheden’s records entail, among other, a 34% increase in the number of season card holders, and correlating with bigger events, such as Halloween, the increase was 55%. Lastly, 9% more took part in Fed Fredag compared to the previous year.

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Lasse Juhl

Head of Digital Marketing