Since November Clienti has taken over all digital advertising on social media and Google for North Jutland’s football team, AaB. A team of digital specialist help AaB’s marketing department with everything from strategy and setup to running of campaigns across digital touch points with the purpose of increasing sales of season cards, game tickets and merchandise.

This has so far had a great effect according to Clienti’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Eddi Bisgaard Kristensen: AaB has a degree of awareness among the population in North Jutland that is second to none, and most web-shops in the country would envy their commercial potential. So, after tightening the digital advertising of an otherwise well-functioning web-shop, we have increased the total RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) with 108% compared to the same period last year. 

The co-operation between AaB and Clienti spawned from AaB’s wish to view the web-shop as a separate business unit which could continuously generate sales for the business without being too affected by seasonal changes. 

CEO of AaB, Thomas Bælum, says: The digital development and possibilities move so fast that it is impossible for us to stay updated and execute after best practice alongside our other sporting responsibilities. Clienti has a great experience with digital advertising from other industries where the business is circular, and the eternal hunt for refinement of data has already shown positive results.

AaB is the first Danish football club to experiment with dynamic advertisement through a product catalogue which automatically gather the products from the web-shop in order to increase the sale of AaB-merchandise on Facebook, Instagram and Google. This has been extremely valuable during Black Friday, Christmas and January sales.

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Lasse Juhl

Head of Digital Marketing