Firstly, to collect more permissions for Eniig’s database of relevant newsletter recipients.

Secondly, to increase awareness of the energy division Eniig.

The solution

Through a strong concept and co-branding with recognised brands in North Jutland it was possible to create not only attention but also an experience of value of Eniig’s newsletters. 

The campaign was implemented through RTB-banners, the Google Display Network and, not least, through lead ads on Facebook’s advertising network. 


Throughout the campaign, which ran over a month and a half, there was more than 10 million views of our targeted messages, more than 15,000 people visited the website and 20 variants of lead ads generated a collected 5,606 new permissions for Eniigs newsletter. Helle Pasgaard, Marketing Manager at Eniig, says: 

Clienti has done a very good job. We know that our product has a low interest among most Danes, so the task of getting in contact with people was a tough one. By changing the approach Clienti has, in collaboration with us, managed to create great effect compared to previous methods where the same objectives were in focus.

For more information

Anders Bjørnstrup

Manager / Partner