Last year the Danish parliament passed a law that from the summer of 2019 changed the composition of course participants in the nation’s VUCs (adult educational centre). Consequently, VUC&hf Nordjylland decided that they needed a new communication platform and a new visual identity. After a bidding round, Clienti was chosen as strategic partner.  

VUC&hf Nordjylland had for some time been considering a new communication platform which was better aimed at the 18-25-year-olds. As the announcement came that they, in the future, would lose even more course participants in this age groups, it was decided that it was time to move on.  

We felt that it was time to examine our external appearance to see if it tallied with the internal view of the kind of institution, we feel we are – and want to be in the future, Lene Yding, principal of VUC&hf Nordjylland, explains. 

The process has been ongoing since the fall of 2018 where Clienti, in close collaboration with VUC&hf Nordjylland, has developed a new brand and communication platform as well as a new visual identity. Furthermore, a new website has been created, and so has a range of launch campaigns, targeting new course participants as well as businesses, as the management wished a greater focus on the vocational education that the institution offers. Coinciding with this process, VUC&hf Nordjylland is renamed HF&VUC NORD. The result was revealed April 1st, and Lene Yding is satisfied: We have worked resolutely on our identity and outward appearance, and we have reached a profile that is spot on. A profile with a future, she says. 

Clienti is likewise pleased with the collaboration: HF&VUC NORD had an exciting case that we were glad to help them solve. Throughout the whole process our collaboration was optimal, and we are very pleased with the platform that has been created together with the client, says Account Manager, Michael Eliasen. 

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Michael Eliasen

Account Manager