At the beginning of the new year Earth Control® chose Clienti as strategic and creative partner. Now the first results of the co-operation is ready in the shape of the campaign, “a world of difference”, which is about the difference natural snacks and toppings make in a busy week. 

The campaign is based on comprehensive work with target groups and takes Earth Controls® focus away from the popular concept of marketing in the category – recipes and inspiration. Now Earth Control® focuses on communicating product and brand qualities. 

Strategic director for Clienti, Charlotte Liendgaard Vigh explains:

”We need to create awareness of Earth Control®. In order to do that, it is necessary that Earth Control® is regarded as more than an ingredient in the salat. It should be the easy, natural choice during your busy day. The Danes want to eat healthier, and there is no doubt that Earth Controls® nuts, kernels dried fruit and berries will do a world of difference when time is scarce.”

The first results show that the campaign has been very well received. It runs in stores, on print in selected magazines and on social media where the communication is tailored to the female target group. This is supplemented with sampling at selected women's races.

Earth Control® wants to stand out more clearly

Marian Neerup Lundholm, Senior Brand Manager at System Frugt who runs the brand, Earth Control®, is very satisfied:

”We have in recent years felt an increasing competitive pressure in the category. We felt we needed to position Earth Control® more clearly, so we stay relevant and accommodate the core target group’s need for natural, healthy solutions. With Clienti we now have a partner who knows and understands or market and the consumer which the new communication platform for Earth Control® is a great example of."

After a period with various short-term efforts, Marian Neerup Lundholm is happy to have a more long-lasting marketing solution:

”Earth Control® will today and tomorrow be the brand that makes it easy to enjoy natural ingredients – whether it is as topping on a salat, breakfast or as the healthy and natural snack.”

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Charlotte Liendgaard Vigh

Agency and Strategic Director / Partner