”We operate on a global market where we are up against a number of big players. We have for several years worked continually on being the best when it comes to performance, but our branding has been on a low-key level”says CEO André Sloth Eriksen and continues:

”We want to change this now, so we can create a strong Asetek brand that can fortify our position as market leaders and open new markets for us. Our knowledge and solutions can be used in more products than they are now, so it is extremely important that we manage to create a brand, which will position us better and as well as create new opportunities”.

The integrated brand agency Clienti got the job, and manager Anders Bjørnstrup elaborates:

”Asetek has a very exiting history. André Sloth Eriksen invented the liquid cooling technology and started a whole new category of business within IT. The business has through its time created new standards for performance and developed solutions for a number of the world’s greatest IT brands. It is with both humbleness and respect that we help Asetek fulfil their ambitions”.

As Asetek has great ambitions, the basic work with developing a new and differentiating brand platform has already been initiated and is well under way.

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Anders Bjørnstrup

Manager / Partner