The sales revenue from the web shop was increased by 37% in 2018, and on the social advertising alone, which Clienti took over from another agency in the middle of the year, the RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) has increased by 100%, compared to the same time last year.

So far, the effect of advertising on social media has been somewhat volatile. Therefore, this development is very satisfactory for all parties, as it shows that it is possible to make the selling of underwear through Facebook and Instagram to a good business.

Online Marketer at JBS, Anders Lund, says:

Clienti has done a fantastic job. Previously, we have not, to a sufficient extent, succeeded in creating (directly measurable) sales in the web-shop through social channels. It is satisfying to see how the performance continuously improves. 

Digital Marketing specialist at Clienti, Eddi Bisgaard Kristensen, says:

Our product catalogue on Facebook generates some fantastic results. This last half year's work with setting up new target groups, intelligent use of data and a willingness to test new initiatives has produced great results.

In addition to direct sales from the web-shop, Clienti has focused on marketing that would create good lifetime value. In this context, Facebook Lead Ads has contributed to the creation of hundreds of leads for Intimo's newsletter.

As an integrated brand agency, Clienti is accustomed to assisting on a wide palette of touch points. However, it is not the first time that a collaboration is initiated on a single touch point, and according to Michael Eliasen, Account Manager at Clienti and strategically responsible for the JBS collaboration, this can easily be rationalized:

All clients are unique in the way that the starting point as well as the business goals differentiate. Our way of thinking at ​​Clienti is that the brand is the grand catalyst for the growth of business, and it must be reflected in the overall strategy and down to the individual verticals, for example when implementing the strategy on digital platforms. That said, our specialists possess an enormous knowledge within each their discipline, so when JBS faced a concrete challenge that had to be solved in an otherwise well-functioning setup, we, of course, wanted to help them solve that case.

Moreover, the collaboration with JBS has moved beyond the country's borders, and Clienti helps with all social advertising for the web-shop that supply the Norwegian population with underwear from JBS and other brands.

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Michael Eliasen

Account Manager