Nybolig Erhverv are among the leading chains of business brokers in Denmark. With 22 departments they keep it local while being nation-wide at the same time. However, businessman Erik Andresen and a number of investors thought there could be even more business potential. Last year this led to the acquisition and a separation from Nybolig and Nykredit, which the chain was a part of. 

Along with a new strategy that included an upgrading of the Capital Market department and an increased focus on pension companies, funds and foreign investors, the chain needed a new name and foundation. After a long-lasting search phase, the assignment was given to Clienti Aarhus. CEO Erik Andresen says:

"At Clienti we experienced not only a strong analytical approach and the ability to put their knowledge into play, but also a great enthusiasm concerning all the details needed to make this new phase a success. This made a crucial difference."

From Nybolig Erhverv to Nordicals

The development of the new name for Nybolig Erhverv and the new identity has been on-going since the beginning of fall. There has been a close cooperation between the new owners, Clienti and the chains’ many brokers. Strategic Director at Clienti, Charlotte Liendegaard Vigh, says:

”The new name, Nordicals, will match the chains ambitious strategy and new international self-understanding. The name not only signals quality and sustainability, but also vision. It has not only been about thinking in new lines, but also about daring to think bigger, which is also central for the launch campaign that is currently running throughout the country.”

A good mix of satisfaction and optimism is perceived at Nordicals and in Erik Andresen:

“We are happy about the result and now look forward to – with the new name – creating a business that is able to set new standards in the market for the benefit of all brokers in the chain.”

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Charlotte Liendgaard Vigh

Agency and Strategic Director / Partner