Christmas shopping is extremely important. This is common knowledge in Denmark's local sports chain, Sportigan. Usually they send out a huge Christmas catalogue. However, in collaboration with Clienti, Sportigan chose to rethink their strategy last year. Were there other and perhaps more rewarding ways to approach Christmas?

A survey of the chain's customer profiles and general consumer behaviour led to a more digital Christmas in Sportigan. 

Christian Mücke Laursen, Account Manager at Clienti, explains:

”The choice of a digital Christmas meant, among other things, that we could work with several different tactical messages and continuously monitor and adapt the campaign. That way we did not just achieve a better reach. We actually came closer – more local in regard to the shops – and in relation to what motivates the Danes in the months up to Christmas. The task was to ensure value for money on a very modest budget and I am proud to say that we have succeeded.”

Digital campaign ensures visibility throughout December

A big part of the campaign was still the Christmas catalogue. But instead of the paper format, a 24-page catalogue was “powered”. It was integrated with Sportigan’s website and web-shop as well as with a digital advent calendar where the chain's customer club members could win sports gifts all 24 days up until Christmas. The e-catalogue, calendar and POS materials were supplemented with locally targeted Facebook ads and newsletters on a daily basis.

Chain manager Peter Christiansen from G-SPORT says:

”We always strive to do it 10% better for the benefit of the chain's volunteer members and, ultimately, our customers. Questioning how we do things is always healthy and develops the chain. Is it enough with a digital catalogue? Will people read it if it is on a screen? And what about store traffic? Fortunately, we can say that the result was better than expected, our members are happy, and the customers appreciated the new format.”

  • 668,893 local influences from Sportigan’s digital Christmas catalogue via Facebook 
  • 278,109 unique customers on Facebook were influenced in the local areas of Sportigan. 
  • 83 hours of viewing of the competition videos on Facebook alone 
  • 28% of users of the e-catalogue saw all 24 pages.

In the end Sportigan achieved the industry's best digital “commitment” with their campaign – three times better than number 2 – and the highest “post interaction” in December.

Sportigan hopes to beat last year's results

Christmas 2017 was, in short, a Christmas with good results for Sportigan – also regarding sales. People were not just online; they also came to the stores, and so the chain exited December with index 105.

Peter Christiansen and Christian Mücke Laursen have high expectations for the upcoming Christmas. They both agree that there has been created a digital formula for how Sportigan engage the sports-interested Danish families during Christmas. Peter Christiansen rounds off:

”Clienti has fine-tuned our setup for this year – and with the new campaign I am not only sure that we can achieve last year's results. I am convinced that we will also beat them.”

Key figures:

  • Selected key figures for Sportigan’s digital Christmas campaign, December 2017
  • The industry's best commitment (3 times better than No. 2). Source: Fanpage Karma
  • The industry's highest post interaction. Source: Fanpage Karma
  • 668,893 local influences of Sportigans digital Christmas catalogue via Facebook. Source: Facebook
  • 278,109 unique customers on Facebook were influenced in the local areas of Sportigan. Source: Facebook
  • 83 hours of viewing of the competition videos on Facebook alone. Source: Facebook
  • 28% of users of the e-catalogue saw all 24 pages. Source: iPaper