We are Clienti

The world is full of people with dreams, goals and needs. Every one of them has their own version of reality; depending on their outlook or personal agenda. These are the people you as a company need to get hold of. These are the people you have to get to listen when you tell your story, the people you want to influence and make your costumers. Helping you achieve this, is exactly what we are passionate about at Clienti. 


People for sale

Building a brand requires the right team of strong, individual people, who master every discipline from analysis to execution. It requires people, who know that it is through collaboration that success is achieved and who are just as vibrant, rational, irrational, colourful, hopeful and diverse as our clients. 

We do not think of ourselves as an advertising agency, consulting firm or a creative hub. We believe in the integrations of skills, experiences and strengths. This is why we have chosen to be an integrated brand agency with competent and dedicated people all around – and with the ability and will to go all-in for you and your brand. 

The result?  Increased competitiveness for both you and us.   

At Clienti people come first. Because customers are people. Vibrant. Rational. Irrational and constantly in motion. If you want to reach them, you have to catch them with the right message and with a message that moves them in every sense, emotionally and rationally. 

We don’t believe in ingenuity for ingenuity’s sake, short cuts or quick laughs. We believe in the immense balance of creativity and relevance. We believe in communication that creates genuine and permanent interest. 

The latter requires a structured strategic process which leads to the insights required to reach people; insights that ensure that all efforts have the right appeal across touchpoints and media.

Each company is different, and branding is about cultivating that diversity. It is about being yourself and making a virtue of it and that requires that you know who you are and what the special thing is that you can do for people. You have to dare to stand out from the crowd and show your true self. You do not become noticeable without stepping forward.


  • Established in Aalborg in 2011 
  • Office in Copenhagen since 2013
  • Office in Aarhus since 2014
  • 46 employees 

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